Spoonflower Giveaway – Win a Wacom Inkling!

spoonflower giveaway

Right now Spoonflower is having a giveaway where they’re giving away the Wacom Inkling, which is a pretty cool device that let’s you scan the things you draw by hand into your computer, they call it a Digital Sketch pen. it looks like a very cool device and I know many artists & illustrators that would love this little thingie. To join this giveaway all you have to sign up on their site, you can either click here Spoonflower Giveaway – Win a Wacom Inkling to join or click the big image above.

(if you don’t know what the website Spoonflower is all about it’s a store where you can upload and buy your own and other peoples prints and patterns on fabric and wallpapers)

I’ll also include a short video introduction to the Wacom Inkling, so you can see what this little thing is all about.